Monday, September 28, 2009


It appears that no matter who you are we all must handle fear and anxeity at one time or another. Fear and love are said to be the opposites of each other.
The reseach shows that fear and anxeity seem to go hand in hand with each other. Fear and anxeity can not exist with love in the mix. Love is a practiced
attitude just as its' opposite is. If a man becomes what he thinks about most often it follows that his thinking causes the fear he practices through his thoughts. As Dr. Wayne Dyer likes to
share with us "change the way you look at things and the things you look at change". There is sooo... much power in that simple statement. Dr. Dyers' teachings are well worth looking into for anyone that aspires to see the world through a different view. The good takeaway with changing your view
point is that you get to see the other possiblities. Once you see some of what is possible you can choose your own reality. A real good source of free info on the subject of fear and anxeity is an ebook called "Free from Fear" by the guys at Revolutionz.Henk and Nicholas have put together a comprehenive study on how fear controls our behavior and how we can take back the control. It is a free 22 page ebook that
has helped me begin to get a handle on some of the freaky thinking that one can fall into if you don't know that you can change the way you think. I am tried
of thinking the way I was taught as a child. By realizing your own ability to change the way you look at things you can be the deliberate creator of your own
reality. WOw! was all I could think when that statement began to sink into my brain. Me being the "deliberate creator of my own reality"? It took repeated reads to
finally understand what that statement means. My whole life growing up was focused on school,teachers,religion trying to fit in. They all were trying to mold
me into their idea of exceptable. The whole time your afraid to break the rules, make a mistake, anger the authority figure. Now there is unrestricted possibilties that need only be explored and evaluated as to how they may fit into my choosen reality. Without the daily fear and
anxeity the sky is truely the limit, if you decide it is. Change the way you look at fear and anxeity and they too will change. Do some reading and you can
discover an unrestricted, super abundant universe that is yours whenever you learn the Laws that govern it. Have a great day and enjoy your journey.

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