Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Affiliate marketing is a beginning point for a one stop shop for a newbie Internet marketer. The good news is
that affiliate marketing is one route that you can take that will teach you as you go. A good affiliate company
will make it as easy as they can to help their affiliates succeed. It is in their best interest for you to be
successful. The affiliate company will help with a step by step path to a link that you can use to share their products with
your clients. You can also use the affiliate company as a starting point to find the mentors that you will need
along your journey of learning. During your journey you will develop your style of Internet marketing. Your style will not be evident in the
beginning. However, as you continue along it will start showing itself as you communicate with your clients.
A good beginning point is to decide on a market niche. Your market niche decision can and will change as you
mature in the Internet marketing game. A niche that you find interesting and that is currently showing that it is
being marketed successfully by others would be a good starter niche. There are tools that you can use for free that
will show you what is selling. Your starting niche can be researched at clickbank.com. Clickbank is one of several
companies that the affiliate companies use to help them supply you with their products and provide you a place to get
paid your commissions. Once you have a product or two in mind go to clickbank and use their research tools. You can
use their search tool to find your selected products, find how they are selling,find how many other marketers are selling the
product and much more. After you have a product you think will be a good fit with you,research the affiliate
company that supplies it. Go to their website and see if it looks like a company you want to be connected with.
Being an affiliate of any company is normally free and you get paid by commission on your sales. Good affiliate companies will have an affiliate program that is well designed to help the affiliate marketer(you). They will be able to walk you through the steps that you need to take to get your clickbank nickname linked to
their product. Clickbank also will walk you through their free sign up protocol. The links for these products with
your nickname in them should be kept in a safe and easily retrievable space. I keep them in notepad or notetab
light two free software products on my computer. These links are what you use to link your clients to products that you want to share. All your communications
with your clients should contain at least one link to your products or to a site that will link to your products.
One of the best ways to become more knowledgeable about Internet marketing and affiliate marketing in particular
is through a mentor. Many Internet marketers give free videos, audios, and written reports or ebooks away to help
build their following. The newbie Internet marketer needs to find one established marketer that is easily
understood and is comfortable to learn from. Their style and demeanor will tell you if your comfortable with them. A couple of good mentors with complete newbie training courses are Ericstips.com and thirtydaychallenge.com.
There are many out there but those two are the ones I've followed in the past year. They were also the ones that I
found to have a comfortable easy listening type style. Both have free videos and audios that walk you through all
the basics of Internet marketing. They even show how to do the most basic computer manipulations, like copy/paste. Learning the basics is what will take some time and perseverance. However, this will be the time (learning curve)
that will develop your style and your way of assimilating the Internet marketing info you need to continue. Every
free video, audio and report/ebook you are exposed to will build on the knowledge you already have. Taking notes in
an outline form will allow you to refer back to them when you implement the steps to accomplish the goals of the
info. You will develop organizational skills to systematize this info. Now you will need to share all that info. Twitter right now is the hottest social media site around. You need to learn it and feel comfortable with it.
Twitter can establish you in your chosen niche. Twitter is the best starting point to begin a position in a niche
market. It is free and fun. Your friends are already using it and it is growing the fastest of any social media.
With twitter you can establish a position in any niche you select. The only difference between how you will use
twitter and how your friends use it, is you will be building your email list, business acquaintances, mentor
relationships and a dozen other Internet marketing related business activities. You will be able to develop specialized communication skills needed to talk to your market niche. You follow the
gurus that are in your selected niche and then you follow all the people that follow them. You learn to weed your
follower list to stay within twitters guidelines. You share in the conversational train of thought with your
followers. You ask questions that will lead the conversation towards your niche products. You provide solutions to
your niche problems that surface in their tweets. You become a trusted leader in your niche and help to resolve
problems. After all we are in this business to help others get what they want. As Zig Ziegler said "If you help
enough people get what they want you can not help but get what you want"
As you help your twitter followers, you build you following with your helpful ways. As the number of followers
increase your daily tweets have your links embedded in every one or they are pointing to a site that has your links
in them. An opt-in page will eventually be put between your affiliate company and your clients. With the opt-in page you
want to have your followers/clients input their name and email address. This will then be your email list. An
autoresponder is the tool you use when the time is right. They cost about $20.00/month.Leave a comment if you'd like.
Thanks for reading this article. Good Luck in all your future endeavors...

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