Monday, August 31, 2009

Gaia Hypothesis

It is alittle unnerving to read all the intelligent people that are so threaten by the Gaia Hypothesis. I've only discovered the idea that the earth is nothing more than a living organism within the last year or so. Dr Lovelocks late 1960's hypothesis that postulates that the earth is interconnected to all living entities is a remarkable idea.
Personally one can view the human body in the same way. It appears to this observer that the human body runs on a symbiotic relationship with microorganisms that provides efficient digestive and other services for us.
There are untold number of organisms that can be found on our skin, in our bowels, and through out our respiratory system. I am not sure how many and what kind there are but we use all kinds of medicines to try to control their growth in times of sickness and dis-ease.
The intelligencia that are threaten by this interconnectedness need to read some "zero point energy field" theory. This theory relates how there is energy through out our universe that we are effected by continually.
The Law Of Attraction provides some evidence of this theory. We become what we think about most often. The book "The Field" by Lynn McTaggart is a good place to start on a Mind Journey through the quantum universe first brought to light by the nuclear scientists.

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