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Evolution in Consciousness - By Larry Pearlman

2012 - The Mayan Calendar - Age of Aquarius - Passing through a cosmic cloud
However you want to look at it, the fact is that mankind is on the brink of the most impactful shift in human history since Adam and Eve vacated the Garden of Eden (or tadpoles grew legs and walked on to the land if you prefer that theory). Acknowledgment of global warming and our part in causing that is a symptom of this change. Recognition that WE - human beings - are strongly contributing to the extinction of species from the planet at an alarming rate is another symptom. Peak oil is another. Economic collapse is another. In fact, you have to be unconscious or in deep denial to NOT see that this planet is heading toward an enormous transformation.
Many see this as apocalypse - the end of the world. And, depending on how things go, it could be. But just as the Mayan calendar is often misinterpreted as predicting the end of the world (it actually just predicts the end of the era defined by time and space), apocalypse is also misinterpreted as the end of the world. The actual meaning of the word, apocalypse, is "a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted."
What has been hidden from the majority of mankind for thousands of years is mankind's true identity and purpose. And where has this vital secret been hidden? Not on the highest mountain, or deep in the ocean, or buried under the Sphynx in the desert. No - this "secret" was never intended to be a secret at all. It is present within every person who has ever walked the earth. It is present in me and it is present in you. Why has it not been popularly known? Because it has been buried by the "veil" mentioned above - the layers of falsehood and misconception accepted and perpetuated by generation after generation. Oh, there have been many down through the ages who have lifted the veil for themselves and they have been venerated - Abraham, Issac, David, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Mahatma Ghandi, Lao Tzu, Chief Seattle, and others. All of them attempted in their own ways to SHOW the way so that others could come out from under the veil but none were successful in lifting that veil for mankind as a body.
Today we see an evolution in consciousness coming to the fore. We are approaching critical mass - the number of people necessary to do what none of the great spiritual leaders of the past were able to do by themselves - transform the planet. It is not necessary that all 7 billion (or is it 8 by now?) of us have this shift in consciousness. Just as a ship's rudder is a small component of the ship but determines what direction it moves, it only takes a relatively small component of the earth's population to determine the direction of mankind and the planet. How many people? Some say 144,000. Personally, I don't know what the number is but I do believe that we are approaching that number. Read magazines, watch movies, listen to the radio, surf the net and you will hear the voice of this spiritual rudder everywhere. One such place is a new radio show I have the privilege of hosting. It is called "Evolution in Consciousness" and I will be interviewing people from all walks of life who are, in their own way, helping to lift the veil so that mankind may choose to accept our true identity - the Divine presence - here to steward the planet and bring Heaven on Earth.
We are not here to predict the Earth's demise, but rather to participate in the evolution in consciousness that will restore the planet and those on it to their proper place in Life's beautiful, unfolding design.
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