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Two Thirds The Man I Used To Be and The Healthiest I've Ever Been By William Klobucar (Republished Post From Jan 2011)

"Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
The above quote by Dr. Dyer has changed my body, totally!
I had been creating my physical experience on this earth by default, throughout my whole 50 years or so, of life.
Not anymore!
By changing the way I look at my diet, how I see food & my own body, I am now the deliberate creator of my own physical reality.
First I needed to suspend my disbelief. Three meals a day? Meat, meat and more meat for muscle?
Suspending my disbelief means that I don't dismiss any and all thoughts or ideas that are not in sync with my established belief system.
Our ingrained beliefs are those ideas/beliefs that we just let in & accept without any of our own analysis.
Established beliefs are what our parents thought. They are what our friends, family or others in our community thought.
They can be dogmatic ideas that have been repeated for so long that everyone just accepts them as fact.
Let's try to wipe the slate clean and try to see clearly what can be our new way of seeing nutrition & health.
Our beliefs are not true just because we have always been told they are. Let your own analysis of your beliefs decide for yourself
what is true for you or what can be changed to your own truths once you find them.
Once our mind has been opened by the suspension of our, ingrained, belief system we have a possibility of finding the truth about our diets.
Now, please allow me to try to tell you how I lost 1/3 of my body weight & got into the best shape of my life, by changing the way I look at food and nutrition.
I always ate three meals a day. I always ate meat with every meal, if possible. I always cleaned my plate of food. Don't waste!?
I always did my best to do what I was told to do.
Not anymore!!
Good eating habits are merely repeated actions that become, when done over and over, again and again healthy eating habits.
Og Mandino (self development guru) wrote "The easiest way to defeat a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit"
I am no doctor, so always consult your doctor when changing anything that could effect your health. Three meals a day for everyone is not good advice for everyone. Our daily requirements for nutrition is dependent on our daily activities. Blindly eating three meals a day is like filling up you gas tank in your car daily, without checking the fuel gauge. The over flow is wasted or worst, it is packed onboard as unwanted weight. Eat only when your body asks for food!
We can learn to listen to our bodies. Our bodies can tell us when it requires fuel. Don't just stuff the body out of habit, at the appointed time.
Become the deliberate creator of your own physical reality.
You can become the deliberate creator of your own physical reality, with techniques & practiced habitually repeated actions.
By the way, habitually repeated actions are the exact way we got in our unhealthy bodies in the first place.
Lost 1/3 My Body Weight Through Psyllium and The Study of My Body's Requirements
Psyllium is a key food item I use for multiple benefits. (Available at Health food stores)
1. First and foremost psyllium is an excellent filler food for our stomachs.
Psyllium can be taken before meals to get that full feeling quicker, during your meals. (This may be the best way to start your psyllium habit) {Teaspoon in 8oz. water to start}Add additional fluids throughout your day to your diet, to help the psyllium move more comfortably through your system.
Psyllium can be taken between meals whenever you are feeling hunger pains (hunger signals by your body) {Teaspoon in 8oz. water to start}Add additional fluids throughout the day. Water,water or any healthy fluids that you have found to your liking.
Psyllium can be taken at anytime after you have tried it to see how your body responds to it. (Teaspoon in 8oz. water to start) with additional fluids throughout the day in your diet. After learning how the psyllium moves through your system you can add more or reduce you use of it. (experiment & learn yourself)
Psyllium can be added to your food dishes. You will have to experiment to see which dishes you like the psyllium added to, remembering to add additional fluids throughout the day to your diet
2. Secondly,with only 15 calories per 1/2 tablespoon or 1 and 1/2 teaspoons, psyllium has little caloric impact on our bodies.
After you have experimented with your body's response to the psyllium (at the teaspoon quantity) you may want to increase to a tablespoon in 8oz water before each meal. (Remembering to add additional water or other fluids to your diet throughout the day while you take the psyllium)
Personally, I find the easiest way, to start with Psyllium, for me is to do a tablespoon in 8oz of water, before each meal, while remembering to drink additional water or other fluids throughout the day.
After you find how your body is responding to the psyllium at the teaspoon level, you will have learnt what to expect of that full stomach feeling experience.
That full feeling was my biggest obstacle to over come.
Now with psyllium I no longer have that problem. Whenever I feel any hunger signals from my body I decide on psyllium or an apple or other good high fiber/low-calorie food item.
The psyllium has become merely an additional weapon in my arsenal of high fiber foods that I use to control my bodies response to hunger signals.
When I feel hunger signals I deduce what foods I may be needing. If I know I have been fully satisfying my nutritional needs, than that is when Pysllium is best to relieve that hunger signal.
With the psyllium in the water or other fluids my hunger signals just fade away. I have complete control with little caloric intake.
3. Third and just as important, Psyllium acts as a mechanical cleansing agent for our gastrointestinal tract.
With psyllium in our diets:
We will be cleaning & removing decomposing food items that tend to accumulate in our system when we eat the "Normal American Diet"
We will be allowing the healing, rejuvenation & exercising of our intestinal muscles.
We will be encouraging our peristaltic action of our intestinal walls to re-establish their former healthy, normal function.
Psyllium is the key food item that has allowed me to be the deliberate creator of my own physical reality.
However, By adopting the Mindset that, my belief system was not my own, I was able to redefine what I believed and why.
Use psyllium to jump start your weight loss project but continual study of your body & how it responds to the nutrients you use will be your long term reason why you will become
"the deliberate creator of your own physical reality"
Experimenting and the study of nutrients & health issues have now become my avocation.
Learning how and why I believe what I believe has become a habit I see continuing til death due us part. Mindset is job#1
Thanks for reading this article by William Klobucar.
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William Klobucar lives in the sun, sand and surf of Hawaii. Lucky enough to be reaching his wisdom years William likes to share some of the healthy inexpensive ways to keep his weight adjusted to its most optimal level. William studies and researches alternative ways to help acquire and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Mindset is job #1. His "Weight Adjustment" blog can be found here: http://fatlossecrets-hawaiianwilly.blogspot.com/
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