Sunday, October 3, 2010

More On Using The Law Of Attraction Formula

The most user friendly, complete Law of Attraction formula, we developed ourselves. This will make your manifestations work, as long as you understand it and how to use it. The others are just not complete.
The Secret of the Formula
Any attempt to formalize the Law of Attraction has to remind you that it is a Law of Energy, not a Law of Matter like the Law of Gravity.
The formula is (Belief + Vision)Passion = Manifestation
The key to using any formula, or specifically any Law of Attraction formula is to recognize the relationship of the variables. In this case, passion powers both belief and vision. This is very powerful if you are working from your soul's desire, but it is also exhausting and dis-empowering if you are working from some template your parents gave you. If any element is weak or missing, you won't have conscious manifestation.
Your Parents' Template
Do you know your soul's desire? If so, then, move on to the next topic, but if you have any doubt stay with me for a moment. Most of us are influenced by our parents. My father was an engineer and his sister was a successful business owner. He wanted me to be practical. My mother was my mother, and wanted me to be safe and happy. However, she had also worked for top executives and understood success according to the corporate mind. This is success based on goals and achievements and to-do lists.
I was interested in writing, art and nature from early in my childhood. Perhaps you can imagine how much serious encouragement I had in pursuing either of these. My mother thought these were lovely hobbies. My father thought they were impractical talents and referred to me as a dreamer. My father would have liked me to be an engineer, and my mother thought that teaching would work for me.
I was continually searching for how to fit my interests into my parents' boxes. As long as you try to do this, your horse is pulling an anchor, or your boat is sailing with only a jib, or your car is working with only one spark plug. You are severely dis-empowered as long as part of your energy is spent on trying to please someone else.
Allowing is the Key
The Hicks and Michael Losier emphasize that Allowing is necessary before your manifestations will come into this space/time continuum. What is this allowing?
In our formula, the Allowing is contained in Belief * Passion. Your beliefs are held in your subconscious. You might think of yourself as competent and able, or you might think of yourself as incompetent and clumsy. Either is a set of beliefs that will determine the outcome of your manifestations.
Your passion comes from walking your path, or being in the stream as the Hicks would say. Your passion will be highest when you are heading directly toward your soul's desire. Your passion will be lowest when you are following someone else's plan for you, such as your parents' template, or when you are fighting against their wishes.
For success and happiness, always follow your own path.
You will find more details on the Art of Allowing, here:
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