Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is There Law of Attraction Proof?

You are what you think.
It is probably true to say that there are more people who fail than succeed with the law of attraction and really there is no scientific way to prove or disprove the validity of the claims made. People give up on many things but that does not mean that a system is necessarily flawed.
The law of attraction is said to take place in the subconscious mind. The method of attraction is to feed into our subconscious minds images and thoughts of the things that we want to attract or bring about. It is recommended that we send these message consistently and with feeling.
The complex and often counter-intuitive theories of quantum physics have given credence to some of the theories propounded in the law of attraction. Everything is made up of the same energy force that makes and surrounds everything and this energy has a vibration which ultimately we can control and harmonise with in order to bring the things we wish to fruition. So like magnets we attract into our lives the things that we have given our attention to.
The advocates of the law state that you must fundamentally change the way that you think. Beyond the hocus-pocus of magic it is true to say that changing the way you think will change your focus and will open you up to different experiences. On a practical level this can translate into taking action where you would not have bothered before, seeing opportunities that you would not have noticed before.
Changing the way we think really does alter our perception. Your perception can be changed by altering your focus, for example, on a mundane level if you buy a new car you will probably suddenly see the make of your car everywhere, whereas, previously, you would not have noticed. Looking at things in a different way will cause some form of change and used positively it can lead us out of places in which we have felt unable to move from.
If your glass is half full, this mental attitude sets you up to take advantage of the opportunities around and makes you improvise and invent more fluidly. Beyond the magical metaphysics that may or may not inhabit the world of attraction, having a positive mental attitude is a valuable attribute to have. As an example, the sports psychology employed by many successful sports men and women have affirmations and visualizations at its core.
People who follow the law state that changing the way you think is a difficult part of re-programming because you have to eliminate the negative influences and thoughts from your life and your thought patterns. This process needs to travel deep down into your psyche and build your belief system. It is recommended that any affirmations are supported by encouraging a feeling that will give power to your attraction efforts. In this respect the law has support from neuro-linguistic programming which has certainly helped numbers of people with problems such as smoking and weight.
But real proof is not available to us. The effectiveness of the law of attraction is subjective and anecdotal. The believers must believe with good reason and the sceptics simply point to all the people who give up on this system. The real question is perhaps have people failed because they have not used the law correctly or because the law does not work at all?
Whilst the basics of using the law of attraction are to hand at a lot of places on the internet, finding a the finer points and missing links to having the whole system is not - visit this site to find out the details -