Monday, October 5, 2009


Today's Mind Journey takes us to the inner most depths of our self.

To take a bit of a liberty with Jeff Foxworthys' comedic skit, here are a few observations.


If you don't have what you want in life your mindset may need adjustment.

If your car isn't the one you want your mindset may need adjustment.

If you do not feel comfortable with your significant other your mindset may need adjustment.

If you don't make as much money as you'd like your mindset may need adjustment.

If everyone else is wrong, stupid or ignorant your mindset may need adjustment.

Now I hate to keep whipping a dead horse here but it took this writer a verrrrry long time to learn about mindset and how it related to our everyday situation.

Mindset is one of those things they may have mentioned once or twice to us as we grow up but without a way for us to internalize it, it slides off the to do pile and onto the I'll get to it later list.

What ever is wrong in our life's game plan can be directly linked back to our mindset. We all have the ability to be the "deliberate creator of our own reality". That statement holds in it's simplicity the keys to our past, present and future life.

One guy that has helped a lot of people with this same subject who is an excellent business coach and attitude adjuster is Edward James. Edward has a regular free email newsletter that many of us wannabie internet marketers subscribe to. With Ed's permission below is an example of one of his mailings which has the subject of Mindset as it's focus.

Creating Wealth From Scratch

Creating wealth from scratch is extremely tough
for the majority of people, in fact if you look at
the statistics of wealth in the world only 2% of
the worlds population have true wealth and 98% of
the population are suffering from a lack of wealth.

To start creating wealth you must have a wealth
mindset and what I mean by this is you must be able
to think the right way to accept wealth to come into your life.

This is why 98% of the population struggle as they are
constantly bombarded by media and politicians that
the world is in chaos and this sends out messages
to the "normal" person they should struggle.

Do politicians and bankers struggle?

Can they pay their bills and claim expenses?

Yes of course they can because they know the secret,
if you can call it a secret to be able to have
the power to control their own destiny.

To be able to control your own life and finances
can be easy by altering your habitual thinking
and stop following the herd and start to lead your
life in the direction of becoming wealthy and successful.

Every millionaire, multi-millionaire and most
importantly billionaires have this way of thinking
and of course to start getting the opportunities
to become wealthy you must start doing the same.

Your habitual way of thinking, feeling and focus
determines your life's path and dominates
if you can start creating wealth from scratch.

Start focusing on the good and positive and mix
this with a feeling of strong and exciting
emotion where you want to see your life heading.

Visualize your own success and totally commit
to making your goals happen.

Creating wealth from scratch doesn't have to
be difficult but you must be able to deal with
the setbacks, all self made millionaires who
have created wealth have all had failures
but the secret is to never give up.

You can do this too.


That short article is just one example of the free stuff Edward James and many other guru type teachers supply to all the newbies out there. To expand our conscious wealth building mindset and minimize the old limiting thinking habits we all grow into there are all sorts of free stuff on the Internet. One product that has opened my eyes to some of the possibilities is Super mind evolution system. Simply click on the words that are bold in this post and you will be take to their info video. Below is the shorten link to Super Mind Evolution System


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  1. I'm a firm believer in the principles behind the law of attraction,watched Bob Proctor interview in a recent film documentary ''The YES Movie'' by Louis Lautman