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Law of Attraction - You Can Only Attract to You, What Matches Your Vibrational Energy -- By Edel D O'Mahony

How often have you tried to avoid queues of traffic or queues at the supermarket, only to end up in the longest one going?
Maybe you have gone out to a club with your friends and are determined to avoid those men or women who seem to have a radar for you and then become human leaches, only to find the epitome of leaching finds you and follows you everywhere?
There is a very logical reason why this happens and is grounded in scientific facts. It all comes down to the energy you vibrate out. 'How could I do that?' You ask, 'I'm not an electrical power source?' Actually you ARE.
You see, these physical bodies operate, function through electrical stimulus, which comes through every cell and molecule, these are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons, which create energy.
There has been much research conducted and proven that everything in our bodies vibrates at a certain frequency, a Hertz rating (Hz) every organ, every cell, even your brain, it is found a brain will resonate at 76Hz, a genius brain resonates at 82Hz. So you are constantly vibrating out energetic resonance and this will always be determined by what you believe is the perception of your environment.
The Universal laws tell us 'what is like unto itself is drawn' that is, what you energetically vibrate out you will attract back the same vibrational frequency.
Let me give you an example, you know when you have 'one of those days' where everything that could go wrong does. The train is late, there are so many people on the pavement you can't walk any quicker, you get to work late, the computer decides to have a hissy fit on you, your boss dumps loads of extra work on your desk as a colleague is of sick. Get the picture?
Well this has all come about by what you have resonated out energetically, because you set your initial focus on 'I don't want to be late today' or 'I hope the trains work properly today' even 'I hate this job, I'm so not appreciated' you have managed to do several things in the process.
1. You have created the belief for yourself that you in some way are not worthy to have things run smoothly, easily and effortlessly. It might be a lack of self belief or not being confident, especially if you find yourself in a job you do not like.
2. Your belief is the signal your cells pick up which are transmitted throughout your electrical nervous system, your body then reacts to your beliefs and sends this out as a vibrational resonance.
So what resonates out will attract the same back, this will happen in the experiences and opportunities that present themselves to you, agreeing with the fact you are not worthy to have things run smoothly or by giving you lots of examples where you are not respected.
So how do you change this?
You have to change the way you believe, notice I did not say think.
It is not as simple as it sounds, as your changed thoughts will not change the resonance alone, this is where your emotions come in and with emotions comes how your perceive yourself and your experiences - your beliefs.
You will need to consciously build belief in yourself, to expect good things in your life, to have all your experiences run smoothly and believe that they will and then you begin to alter the energetic frequency you resonate out.
Imagine, being able to change all 'those days' into 'what a day!' and it is totally possible!
Edel O'Mahony has Four books published and is UK's leading expert in Energetic Communication and Law of Attraction Mentor, she is also a Writer, Transformational Speaker, Published Author. Click here to read more about the: Law Of Attraction
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