Friday, September 17, 2010

The Secret Law Of Attraction Tips That No One Is Telling You About

Have you read many of the secret law of attraction tips out there only to find that the techniques just don't work for you?
Using the law of attraction is an effective way to change your life, but only if you are doing it correctly. If it just isn't working for you, it is possible that you are making one simple mistake and that mistake is manifesting from lack. Here are 3 tips to help you manifest from abundance instead.
Tip #1 Change Your Perspective
Let's take an example, and since most people could do with more money, we'll choose an increased income as your desired outcome. The first thing to do is to ask yourself why you want more money. A common response is "I don't want to be poor any longer". However, if you take a closer look at that statement you will notice that the key word is poor. If you want to attract wealth, you do not want to emanate poverty, because what you emanate, is what will come back to you. So instead say something like, " I want to have more money so that I can go on vacation and take good care of myself."
Tip#2 Change Your Habitual Response
Your first reaction to a challenging financial situation, such as a large credit card bill, is usually to worry that you can't pay it and to think that you never have enough money for your bills. If you stick with your first reaction, you will only attract more poverty. So you should ask yourself if you can look at the situation differently.
Look at what you bought with your credit card. Have you enjoyed using the items or benefited from the services you paid for? Of course you have. If you had to pay for a repair to your car, you now have a safe, functioning vehicle to get you from A to B.
It's the same with household bills. You have enjoyed using electricity to cook, enable you to see after dark, to watch TV and listen to music. You have used the phone and internet to keep in touch with friends, find information you need and provide you with entertainment. Your rent or mortgage payments have provided a roof over you head.
So instead of complaining about your credit card or household bills, be grateful for what they have enabled you to do. Being grateful for your credit bill is quite a shift isn't it?
Tip #3 Recognize Abundance
You may think there is very little abundance in your life, but you can always find something. Even if you don't have much money, a big house or a fancy car, you have abundance in many areas. You may have an abundance of friends, and you probably have an abundance of water to drink and food to eat.
You have an abundance of weather and even if it happens to be rain at the moment, an abundance of rain gives you water to drink, green fields and colourful flowers to enjoy and grows the food that you will eat.
If you can't find anything else, you have an abundance of air. So you can breath in abundance every minute of every day.
When you recognize the abundance you do have and start to appreciate it, you will attract more abundance into your life.
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