Thursday, July 15, 2010

Improve 10% A Day

Abraham-Hicks shared by Tom Murasso

I now understand the futility of anything I am doing or saying or thinking while outside the vortex. I have made a decision, right here, right now, that I am going, to the best of my ability, moment after moment, I am going to be in the vortex.

And in making that decision, that you will find yourself there 10% more tomorrow than you were today, and the next day, 10% more until within a matter of 10 days, two weeks at most, you will have moved your position from mostly outside the vortex to mostly inside the vortex.

And what that means from a manifestational standpoint is things that you have been waiting for for a long time are going to show up and show up fast.

What it also means is your level of joy is going to begin to soar in unexpected ways.

Your ability to think will become clearer and people will be quite amazed at the clarity of your being. Your physical apparatus will come into alignment. Medicines you have been using will become unnecessary. Conditions of your body that have been unpleasant will begin to fall away. Muscle toning will begin to take place. You will begin to breathe more deeply. The metabolism of your body will come into alignment.

Every relationship that you have, you will find improvement in it. Your ability to perceive what's going on on the planet will be moved to new heights. Your ability to create whatever you are wanting, when ever you are wanting it, will become apparent, not only to you, but to others who are looking at you.

You are the creator of your experience. You now understand the Laws of the Universe, the guidance system within you and the vortex where all cooperative components are assembled.

Boca Raton, FL 3/24/10