Monday, April 19, 2010

The Paradox Of Physical Reality

Q: When you talk about... that we can choose how we want our reality to be...

B: Yes.

Q: ... and that we can have control, in that sense. What's the difference between that kind of control and the kind of control that I've been learning to relinquish or give up, of trying to have things go a very certain way?

B: Ah, thank you very much. In this way, recognize that what you typically refer to, in your society, as surrendering is actually taking control. Control means letting yourself flow with and in synchronous harmony with the idea of the universal Self, the universal Infinite. Choosing to flow synchronistically with that idea is taking control, is knowing that you are in control.

As we have said, there are two types of free will, the free will of the physiological consciousness and the free will of the higher consciousness. All that you call the free will of the higher consciousness, many times, is relegated by the physical consciousness into the terminology you call fate or predetermination; but this only occurs in the most generalized of terms. The actual specifics of how the events, the generalized events that are determined by the non-physical higher consciousness unfold, how they unfold specifically, is determined by the physiological personality, the physiological desires, the physiological thoughts, the physiological beliefs that you create in your physiological life.

Thus, in this way, the taking control, once again, is the expression of your desire, the expression of your willingness, the expression of your conviction of what you know to be true for you. It is taking that stand of conviction; and taking the stand of conviction in that way, places you squarely in the flow of the universal energy that you are in touch with, and thus makes it seem as if once you have taken control, you don't have to do much steering. Does this help you?

Q: Can you say that last sentence one more time?

B: When you take control, then the paradox is that it becomes apparent that you actually don't feel like you have to do the steering. This is the paradox of physical reality... when you know you are creating your reality and are fully in control of it, because everything you experience is what you created, then you open up to the idea that vulnerability is infinite strength, and not weakness. And if you are willing to be completely open, which is what vulnerability is, then you know you are completely connected to All That Is. Being completely connected to All That Is means that you are always totally, completely reinforced. You have infinite strength, and therefore, you simply flow along the universal lines of momentum.

You are completely in control by flowing along the lines of least resistance. Thus, it does not feel like you have to steer. The only time it feels like you have to do the steering is when you fight your own ecstasy. Giving in to your own ecstasy, surrendering, quote/unquote, to the universal flow of things allows you to know that you are squarely in control. Because then it is effortless to create the reality you prefer, because you are drawing everything in parallel lines, and not going against the flow.

Q: Thank you so much.

B: Thank you.

From Nina Ferrell Bashar: The Paradox of Physical Reality