Thursday, February 11, 2010

Use Your Mind to Direct Your Journey

Best quote on how to use your mind to direct your journey in life.
Seth Godin is a writer/philosopher of the online world. He has been one that I have followed for some time now.
When my current mentors start to quote my long time mentors I know it is some thing worth sharing with all.
The below quote is attributed to Seth Godin

“you have a conscious mind for good reason. You are not at the mercy of unconscious drives unless you consciously acquiesce to them. Your present feelings and expectations can always be used to check your progress. If you do not like your experience, then you must change the nature of your conscious thoughts and expectations” Seth

The above quote was the subject of today's post on David Marshall's blog.
It is Davids birthday today and that fact did not stop him from sharing the Law with us.

Thank you David for helping us to learn the ways we can easily adopt the universal law techniques into our daily lives.