Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Law Of Attraction

Hi all,
We have made it to the next go around, 2010.
First move toward an exciting and productive year is to look to expand our database of info on the Universal Law.

The Law Of Attraction is one of those subjects that are so... far out of our everyday thought patterns that it's hard to understand. A quantum leap on our part is needed to see outside our comfort zone.

We've been hearing about the Law for 20 years now. Twenty years ago was when we started seeing the words, Quantum Mechanics, Source Energy, Super Consciousness, vibrational oneness, The Matrix and the Force
Conscious study of the LAW started only five years ago or so for this researcher.

This year will be the year we really get to sharing the Law.

Last year was the time to learn the internet for us. Social media has made it so easy to share that now we have the tools and the knowledge to share on a massive scale.

We like using videos the most cause they're the easiest for us to learn from.
Below please enjoy a free video from youtube by Gregg Braden on how the vibrational energy of the universe effects you.

Thanks for finding this blog. We appreciate you reading our posts.
All the bold words on this page will take you to Three free books on the Law.
Ebooks are the second easiest way for us to learn.