Friday, October 23, 2009


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Hi, Today we have a real treat.
My good friend Lonnie Minton has wrote an article on Affiliate Marketing and has kindly allowed me to share it verbatim with my readers.
Lonnie has broken down the general requirements of affiliate marketing into four major, must have, characteristic Mindsets.
Below is Lonnie Minton's article in full.
Let's go on an interesting Mind Journey through affiliate marketing Mindset:


Title: Are you Ready To Be An Affiliate Marketer - Do
You Know The Secrets?

Author: Lonnie Minton

What does it take to be an Affiliate Marketer?

It seems that everyone wants to be an Affiliate
Marketer. If you want to be involved in Affiliate
you must have a mindset:

==> To Study
==> To Work
==> To Focus
==> To Believe

Let's take a closer look at each one of these.


You may be a newbie or and expert, but either way
study is necessary if you wish to succeed or if you
wish to continue to succeed in affiliate marketing.

You need to study what others have done and what they
are doing. You must learn the basics and then you must
learn where affiliate marketing is moving. You must
stay up to speed or the market will pass you by.

You must develop the desire to learn, if you don't
have it already.

Learn Affiliate Marketing
Learn List Building
Learn Blogging
Learn all aspects of the industry


If you don't do this, you will not have a business and
thus no income. This is where most people that get
involved with Affiliate Marketing fail. They want to
get involved in making money online, but they don't
want to work.

They get involve and then they find out that work is
involved. They find out that this is not an "I join, I
get rich enterprise". It requires effort. Many are not
willing to change their mindset to accept that work is

Affiliate marketing requires application of all the
things that you learn. You must learn and be able to
distinguish how, or if, what you have learned will
improve your business.

If it will improve your business, you must work to get
the knowledge applied to your projects. Just knowing
that a new concept exists will not help your business
at all, you must put forth the effort required to
implement the concept.


You must focus on the tasks that are required. If your
studying and research efforts have resulted in a new
concept as noted above, stay focused until you get it

If you really want to make money online, you must set
goals and stay focus. As an example, let's say that
one of your goals is to find your niche - your
marketing area.

You start studying and researching. Then you get an
email that says that the way to build traffic to you
site is with Google AdWords.

The email offers you a product to help you get setup.
So, you start looking at that product. Why? You don't
have a marketing area yet, much less a product. You
don't need advertising yet.

Stay focused. Find your niche, your marketing area,
and then move on to the next step. If you do not stay
focused, you will never be ready to market a product,
because you will not have one.

There are many secrets to affiliate marketing, and
staying focused has to reign close to the top. I'm not
sure that is a secret, it's just common sense.


You must believe in yourself. You must believe in the
process. Your attitude toward your efforts to build
your business must be positive. Know that you can do
it. Others have and if you apply yourself you can
too - that you must believe.

Commit to the efforts that are necessary to make it
happen. Be optimistic. Everyday determine to
accomplish something that will build your business.
Believe it.

If you will make a strong determination to Study,
Work, Focus, and Believe in yourself and the process,
you will find success in you Affiliate Marketing
. That's the secret.

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