Thursday, October 22, 2009


The above youtube video tells how Twitter and Microsoft's Bing have signed an agreement that will be very, very, good for both of them. This agreement leaves Google out of the loop for now.

The guy on the video is one of the principals of a new service/product that will be released in the near future. His product is "The Internet Time Machine". It is an algorithmic based research tool that seeks to forecast the next trends on the web.

They take the search numbers of selected topics then combine them with the supply/demand information they collect from the available sources they use and come up with highly probable future trendy topics.

With that future trendy topical info we can position ourselves to be in the right affiliate product at the right time. Just having the right domain name at the right time would give us an advantage. It isn't hard to see how this type of info could be very valuable in a host of marketing ways.

Here is their address to get on the email list for further updates. Plus they give five trends they forecast to be big Big BIG IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

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