Saturday, June 2, 2012

Using The Law Of Attraction To Find Love And Money -- Cory Jean

Is using the law of attraction to bring love and money into your life ok? What kind of barriers or problems might you run across when using the law of attraction to make your life what you want it to be? What can you do to ensure your success and make your life better for yourself and those you care about?
These are the questions that often plagued me when first using the law of attraction. Like so many others, I had want, needs and desires and I felt that using the law of attraction to bring my thoughts and dreams into reality would bring me the happiness that I longed for... the love that had often escaped my grasp... the financial success that came and went, almost as quickly... and that heart felt joy in my heart that made me feel whole as a human. Could using the law of attraction help me to set my life straight and bring me the desires of my heart?
While we are told that when using the law of attraction we should not actually want. We should not feel the lack of those things that we desire in our lives. Instead, when using the law of attraction, we should live, think and breathe as if those dreams that we hold dear were already a part of our everyday existence. We should dream so vividly that we can smell the flowers, taste the champagne and feel the touch of our beloved's hand when visualizing how we want our life to be. But this is often a stumbling block for many who try using the law of attraction to improve their lives.
It is natural for many of us to balk at this point. It is natural for many of us with a conscience to feel that using the law of attraction to gain wealth and love to feel like we're doing something wrong... that greed is wrong and that if someone really loved us we wouldn't have to be using the law of attraction to get their attention or make them fall in love with us. But what is more natural that using the law of attraction. We are not using witchcraft or some dark force to bring us the things that we deserve as much as any other human being on this planet. If our intentions are pure and are motives are right then where is the harm in using the law of attraction to get that which we so rightfully deserve as much if not more than someone else who doesn't have these thoughts? But what can we do when those doubts roll in and we feel as if we are doing something wrong by using the law of attraction?

We can look back at the successes that we have had in our past in using the law of attraction to bring both large and small things into our life. This is where keeping a diary or sorts is helpful so we can look back and remember when miracles happened in our lives thanks to this ancient law. We can remember where a request to the universe was answered with exactly what we asked for or something even better. In short order, we will be back on track and feeling better about ourselves as the doubts are swept away like the morning mist as the new day dawns.I am human and filled with faults. While I might wish to tell you that I never stumble and fall when using the law of attraction... that I never doubt or waver in my thoughts of my successful future when using the law of attraction. The truth is that I do have down times and I am sure that you will too. So, what are we to do? We gather ourselves together and sit ourselves down and speak kindly to ourselves. Without chastisement orjudgment, we pick ourselves back up. We tell ourselves to believe and to see the success that we have found thus far in using the law of attraction. We can check our motives and talk ourselves through the feelings that we might be having.
Making sure that your motives are right as you work with using the law of attraction can help remove many stumbling blocks. Remembering not only what our goals are but why we want the love and money that we desire is key to your success in using the law of attraction. Staying centered and making sure that your intentions are good and pure is important while being motivated be selfish desires or a warped conscience may frustrate you and your attempts at using the law of attraction.
Are we using the law of attraction to gain love or money out of greed because we wish to possess and hoard money or out of jealousy to receive the love externally that is lacking in ourselves? Do we wish to manifest a certain astronomical sum of money out of fear or a feeling of lack in our lives? What good will come from having this money and what will we do with it? Is it the money that we really wish to possess by using the law of attraction or is it the lifestyle and experiences that we wish to have in our lives? Is it fear that has caused us to want to stockpile cash jealously without cause or real reason or do we have a sincere desire to experience life and help humanity?
As for love, has the rejection of a loved one caused us to focus our attention upon regaining that love that was once ours or do we truly love this other person? Are our motives in using the law of attraction to bring the love of one special person into our life because we truly love that person and wish to give them a life beyond compare or do we wish to possess thatperson? Will they feel loved and would a close friendship where there is heartfelt tenderness suffice to quell our desire to love them and have them love us?
In the end, when using the law of attraction, you need to be honest with yourself. It is a wonderful journey and finding out exactly what you want your life to be like so the universe can deliver it to you is the greatest gift of all. No matter if it is the lifestyle beyond your dreams or the love of that one special person, if your heart is right, your motives are pure and you believe without a shadow of a doubt that you truly deserve all that you desire, using the law of attraction can bring you true happiness with very little effort.

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