Monday, April 23, 2012

One Way To See You -- William Klobucar

One way of viewing our energy self
These ideas have helped me to see our existence from an inside perspective
Consciousness is Energy----Energy is Consciousness

We are all energy - everything is energy
The dimensional differences & form manifestations
are merely frequency changes in the energy/consciousness
Consciousness is energy - Energy is consciousness
It is a little hard to grasp this paradigm shift at first
I had to approach this way of seeing me & everything around me
from the scientific view, at first
The atom is thought to be 99.999999999% empty space
So I started to look at the empty space as the major part of the atom
Once we see that the empty space is anything but empty/useless space
Than we start to imagine what that space may be
Now our scientist are just starting to view it as the Unified Field of existence
That empty space is Consciousness/Energy
It is 99.99999999% of what we are
I needed at first, all that science mumbo jumbo to prove it to me
Now I see that the limitation of the science is what limits our ability to see the truth
Once one is practiced going within
and looking within me/us, the big picture can be viewed
It is a looking within for the answers
Not looking out there
there is no out there 'It Is Inside you/us'
We project the out there through our thoughts
Paradigm Shift is merely adopting/practicing another way to view a certain topic
Practice Paradigm Shifts and new realities appear in our presence

Holographic view is another good way of seeing some of what we are
The One Is All - The All Is One - We are all there is - Spooky till you see it
Then learning to use it consciously becomes our reality
Be Happy Now - It Will Last As Long As You Imagine It
William Klobucar