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Happiness and Meaning and Credibility -- By Dr. Robert Henry Schwenk

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Happiness and Meaning and Credibility

You long for credibility, both in the world and within yourself.
So much is said and taught today that delivers an agenda that is not true. Often political commercials seem to say one thing but mean another. The facts are so often twisted, it seems, that it is hard to know what to believe.
Rhetoric abounds, in my view, that deforms the actual situation.
Who to believe?
What to believe?
That's it. I believe there are two types of credibility. One, of course, is what is to be found in the world at large. Outside of mathematics and hard science, what can be believed?
I don't know. But you can have faith in math and science when they are clearly as free of opinionated taint as possible. Beyond the function of addition, subtraction, simple division, simple multiplication, I do not understand much. So I rely upon those who claim they do understand.
Can I still be deceived by charlatans? Yes. Which leads me back to the question of whether I can trust at all.
The only place I feel I can trust is within myself. Don't get me wrong. I can be self-deceptive as well. I have fooled myself more than I care to share. Embarrassing.
But at the very least I try to be clear and honest with myself. Much more than can be said in general.
So, if you wish to have inner credibility, believability within yourself, how do you go about it?
Here's what I have found.
There is a Superconsciousness in the Universe. This idea is supported by some mathematicians - quantum physics. (I realize that physicists and mathematicians are not necessarily one and the same. Quantum physics, however, does rely heavily on math.)
I am also conscious. I believe we can be in contact with that Superconsciousness. You can name that Consciousness anything you wish. Or nothing at all.
I also believe that when I make real and lasting connection with this Superconsciousness, I have found the meaning of my life, which is to be happy.
I believe happiness is the meaning of your life as well. And that is where the credibility comes in. Whatever truly increases or reinforces your interior happiness, is credible.
Whatever would destroy or separate you from happiness and meaning is incredible.
Can you still be deceived? Yes, unfortunately. But as you keep that connection with the Superconsciousness alive and well within you, you will be lead inexorably to greater and greater credibility.
Self-deception will eventually be worn away. This is credible: seek the truth and it will set you free. You will be free of self-deception and illusion.
When in the company of the Truth, of Credibility, the Superconsciousness, you cannot help but be on your journey to full and complete credibility. Why? Because there is no deceit in the Superconsciousness.
Why? Because the Superconsciousness has no need for deceit. It is complete in Itself. As you connect with and keep foremost in your spirit this Superconsciousness, you will be molding yourself into Its image. You are becoming complete within yourself, credible within yourself.
Find the Superconsciousness beginning today. Make a real and lasting link between yourself and that Consciousness. You will find happiness, meaning and credibility.
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