Friday, September 30, 2011

Thoughts Are Things - Realigning Thoughts - By Sudheer Kurup

The fact that Wright Brothers invented the aircraft is known to one and all. Preceding the invention, the idea of an aircraft was born as a thought in their minds. And by persistent thoughts, they succeeded in providing wings to their thoughts. In other words, their thought or idea of an aircraft materialized. The idea of a blog started as a thought in my mind and then manifested. To put it more simple, whatever actions we perform are preceded by corresponding thoughts.
Scientific evidence has it that human beings are bound to entertain 60,000 thoughts a day! Phenomenal, isn't it? And this is inclusive of both positive and negative thoughts. Inferring from Wright Brothers - all great inventions can be attributed to thoughts in the first place- all our thoughts, whether positive or negative will manifest for sure, but not necessarily in that order which we would have thought about! No specific time frame is defined for manifestation. Conversely, we bring about whatever we think about!
Just imagine how fatal it would be if all the negative thoughts were to manifest too! Now this calls for a realignment of thoughts. Not as difficult as it seems, except that this demands practice coupled with patience.
Now that it is apparent that we all entertain 60,000 thoughts a day, got to find ways to realign the thought process.
1. Think about what you desire and not what you don't! If you want to be at work on time think of reaching EARLY. Never entertain the thought of not being LATE! For if you think of not being late to the office, you will end up late! That way, if you want to be healthy, think about good health and nothing else. You will be inspired from within to act to be in good health.Well, the list is endless.
2. What if during this process, negative thoughts invade? Well, let it come and go. Because if you resist it, chances are that these thoughts may bounce back with more vigor. But that requires training of the mind. And that is where response inhibition gains significance. This simply means the response-ability to identify and restrain ones thoughts and actions precisely when it goes out of hand. Playing brain games will definitely boost your response inhibition capacity. A whole lot of brain games related to response inhibition are available in the web.
3. Think Positive -Always think about desirable outcomes. This is not to say that every time things will work out to your advantage. But maintaining positive thoughts will definitely encourage you to do better.
4. Practice this nonstop for 21 days- And it becomes a habit with you.
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