Saturday, January 23, 2010


Beginners guide to Quantum Physics

Wave Theory Is Simple Once We Over Come Our Belief Systems

The above video of  Dr. Quantum shows the most commonly utilized experiment that is used to help explain the quantum theory to the uninitiated. It shows that energy is everything in this universe. Energy can be particles or waves. Both are a form of energy.  Everything is energy.      Everything is energy!!!

There are many forms of energy. All the light we see and all the light we don't see. All sounds we hear and don't hear. All the tastes we taste and the ones our sensors can't detect.
We are energy.

Once we see that energy is everything, now we can learn how we can control the energy that is us in the most beneficial way. Seeing us as energy is where most of us struggle with this. Our belief system has a hard time allowing us to change our thinking. That's your ego. You have to suspend your doubts to get through it.

The control of our energy can be simplified to our vibrational alignment with all the other energy that is everything.

We are energy! We are energy! We are energy!      Everything is energy!  Everything is energy!!!!!!

Now this is how the Law Of Attraction can be understood.
The Law Of Attraction states that   "like is attracted on to like".

Energy at it's basic form we understand is vibration.

The vibrational alignment we hear about is our energy we control and it's relationship with everythings' energy.

We align our energy by our thoughts. We control our energy with our thoughts.We can control our energy.

 Once we know we can control our energy we need only to learn the techniques that help us to control it in the quickest most beneficial way for us.

This is where techniques taught by many confuse us in our quest to the knowing.

However, now that we are aware that everything is energy. Energy is vibration and we are energy.  We need only to find the teacher that can help guide us to the knowing.
As the saying goes
                    "when the student is ready the teacher will appear."
You can buy courses, books and do seminars to help you towards your knowing.

I find the great teachers and follow them online. Many of them have courses,books and seminars.
I really great ones have free videos on youtube and the other video sites.

 Dr. Quantum in the video above has graced us through youtube at no charge.

For free books on your vibrational alignment possibilities CLICK HERE you will be taken to three free ebooks.

Esther Hicks, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Gregg Braden are three of the greatest teachers on this planet. They all have that unique ability to explain the complicated in such a way that we all can understand it.

Thanks for reading my post. Please feel free to comment or ask any questions you may have.
Have a great one.
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