Saturday, November 21, 2009

Emotion Combined with Suspension of Disbelief


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The above video is so.... emotionally connected to the vibrational alignment of us all I had to get it to you as soon as possible.

The power of unrestricted possibility is the under rated characteristic that we all need to learn about through "The Law of Attraction".

In the above video we see how the coach redirected his players attention. The player is focused on his narrow limitations, that he formed for himself, voluntarily.
When the coach jarred the player out of his narrow beliefs the player was able to perform at a greater level.
The player had to be tricked to jump that quantum leap, to the higher level.

We can do the exact same thing for ourselves through learning simple techniques that allow us to efficiently utilize the Law Of Attraction.

This newest ebook that has been brought to our attention "The Quantum Key" has all the info on The Law Of Attraction and more.
This book is priced under $40.00 but it encompasses everything that man has learned to date on the LAW.

"The Quantum Key" not only presents the basis of being the deliberate creator of your own reality, it shows the connectivity of the universe.

The connectivity of the universe deals with the harnessing of free energy, the consciousness of our world/universe, the endless unrestricted abundance available to you and everyone in this universe.

We merely need to learn to use the LAW in the most efficient way we can.

It is just like gravity. We can ignore it and be hurt by falling objects, having unnecessary, unexpected things happen to us as we work or perform our daily movements.
However, as with gravity we can learn to work with the LAW and use it for our greater good.

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Learn the easy way to go with the flow of your universe.

Thanks for reading this blog. Be safe and use your connectivity to your greatest advantage.