Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Above Video is an example of what we need to understand to more efficiently leverage the knowledge of Quantum Physics in our lives. Gregg Braden has a wonderful way of explaining the here to fore unexplainable.

It is our responsibility to learn what we can to help pass down the most connected info for those who will come after us.
We are all connected so we must be selfish enough to learn to efficiently use the reality of this inter connectivity for our self just so we can expand the consciousness of our universe.

The Law of Attraction is based on this Quantum view so let's use this info for our own lives and consequently the betterment of our universe.
We are spiritual beings living in this temporary physical reality. Let's learn what we can from the great teachers and go through this life with a positive outlook to a successful conclusion of this physical reality.

It is more comfortable going with the flow than trying to fight it.
The Laws are in play whether we like it or not. Let's learn to use them most efficiently in our lives for our comfort. That will then show us how to use them for the betterment for the people around us, It is the Law. Just as gravity works always so does other laws of the universe.

We need only to Allow. Allowing is the #1 thing we find that is the hardest part of realizing the positive results from the Law. Our ego fights to maintain its control over our actions.

As Esther and Jerry Hicks tells us through the teachings of Abraham we have an Emotional Guidance System. This guidance system can be use to help us to maintain alignment with our true intention.
Without us even knowing our true intention, we can feel our way with our emotions.

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Thanks for reading this post Enjoy your journey to Law Abiding Success.