Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This video is so....... informative that I must share it with as many people as possible.

In the above video we can start to understand some of what "Quantum Theory " is all about.
A "Participatory Universe" as described by Gregg Braden is the most telling part of this Quantum theory matrix model that we all must come to see. By viewing the video we begin to see a different way to view the world we live in.
It takes several exposures to this information just to start the process of shifting the paradigms that has taken us our whole live to develop to this point.
Our whole live we have been looking one way at reality until we have an AHA!!! moment. Then we awaken to another view of our reality. It happens like when we learn to ride a bike.
At first we can not imagine how the big kids can get up on the bike and stay without falling to one side or the other. We try our older brothers bike, but we fall left than right. It even lands on our leg, we than push it off. We walk around it once, scratching our head. Than someone says no,no,no like this and they grab the thing while we get on.
They hold the bike while we learn the pedals. They start to walk with us as we begin to move into a balancing, riding like mode. Before you know it they let go and you're doing it. POW!!!!
You just had an awakening, a paradigm shift, an epiphany. WOW!!! I can do it!!!!
The Super Mind Evolution is the exact same thing with different details.
Ones open mindedness is the only requirement of the observer to experience this or any paradigm shift. The great teachers of our time make this shift easier on us due to their ability to explain the complicated in clear and unambiguous terms.

Youtube has many, many of the great teachers of our time that share these reality shifting ideas for free. It's scary at first and a little uncomfortable but so was learning to ride a bike. Just do it!!

Click Here to be taken to a source of Mind Altering information that can help in the transitioning to your new understanding of our universe.

Super Mind Evolution is a course that has been developed to help us easily understand these interesting development of our understanding of our universe.

Super Mind Evolution also shows us how to use this new view of our reality in it's most efficient way to kelp us realize our goals in life.

More health, more comfortable relationships and more money are only some of what one can achieve with a better understanding of our universe and how it works.

Thanks for reading this post. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the designated area. Have a great AWAKENING!!!