Monday, October 12, 2009


We are programed to do what "Big Pharma" wants us to do. Big Pharma is all the drug companys that make billions of dollars on a continual basis selling us, the public, their stuff. Big Pharma has board of directors that have as a law mandated number one directive to increase company value, through any legal means possible. This number one directive has forced the companys to put profit and increased value as their primary focus. The best way to help you get and stay healthy is not their #1 goal. Their #1 goal is to sell you more and more of what they make.

We are their source of increased company value. They market their products to the masses as a way to make money. They market to us in a variety of ways to get us to buy more and more of their products. Their #1 purpose in marketing to us is to make more money. Big Pharma designs their products so we need more and more of them. We are inundated everywhere, all day long with their message to buy more drugs that can fix this symptom or that symptom. Some of the drugs have side effects so we need this other drug product to mediate that problem. They control us by having the doctors, whose medical schooling was paid for by Big Pharma's contribution to the institutions, recommend Big Pharma products. When a new dis-ease or side effect develops caused by their drug therapy another product is developed to elevate the side effects caused by their primary drug protocol. We need to educate ourselves to break the hold that Big Pharma has on all of us. Our mindset has got to be controlled by us, for our own good.

Natural healthy alternatives are all around us. We need to simply wake up, out of our drug company induced haze, to see the other possibilities. The natural alternatives can not be patented by the drug companys. That is why they won't, and by their rules are unable to, promote these natural products to the masses. You see without a patent they can not charge inflated prices for their products. Natural source products would be too easily available to everyone, so they wouldn't be able to make the outlandish profits they make on patented drugs.

Since researching alternatives is now made easy by using Google search, MSN Bing search or Yahoo search just to name a few. We have no reason way we can not educate ourselves on natural drug alternatives. What we need to stay away from during our search is the Big Pharma supported sites. Their sites will not mention the alternatives in any way, shape or form. Let's educate ourselves by reading a natural homeopathe's site for some other ways to help us get and stay healthy using non drug based protocols. One source I've found that helps in a Mindset adjustment is Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst.

Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst is one of the medical doctors that have provided the alternatives to the masses for many years. Dr. Suzanne attacks our dis-eases at the source. She cuts to the chase when it comes to the basis of many of our common aliments. Her straight talking no holds barred way of sharing non drug protocols with us, her followers, is refreshing. One of her simple alternatives to weight loss also has a side effect that cleans out the biological entities that probably inhabit your intestines right now. Go to one of her sites and watch her straight shooting, hard love way of sharing some of her finding about weight loss. Fat Loss Secrets is one of her products.

Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst's can be accessed by clicking on her name or any of the discolored words in this post.

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