Thursday, October 15, 2009


This is a first for this blogger. We're trying a banner ad of one affiliate product that has had rave reviews. Above is the banner ad for the product. Looks good doesn't it?

Maverick Money Makers is an online income tool that I personally have seen around on all the top guru sites. I avoided the temptation to join before because I didn't want to get sucked into another money pit. Finally, I began to loosen up after one of my regular email gurus recommended the product to me, in answer to one of my questions.

I had asked Dr. Suzanne, who helped me lose fat, what in her experience is the fastest way to online income? Without hesitation she replied Affiliate Marketing. No qualifying or justifying of her answer. Just straight up Affiliate Marketing.

Well that straight shooting from the hip style of Dr. Suzanne got my attention real fast. She is one of those people that tells you like she sees it. I am familiar with her style after experiencing it in her "Fat Loss Secret" product. BTW with her Fat Loss product she describes in detail how and why our bodies retain fat, it is to help protect us from toxicity. That's another story.

Dr. Suzanne, after having told me in no uncertain terms that affiliate marketing is the road to online income, I decided to get her opinion on which product to promote. Well as one has come to expect she blurts out, with no hesitation, Maverick Money Makers.

Now I've heard of them before, through many of the gurus I follow. So, I of course asked why them? She explain that there are 1000's of affiliate products out there but what you need as a newbie type is one that has the best support program to go with the best quality product.

She then went on to explain that their videos can walk you through every step of the set up process. They have a continuity membership that continues to produce income after the initial sale and their training support is second to none, for especially the newbie. Not to mention that the cost for entry into the affiliate program is free.

Their free start up videos, that I began this morning, have got their banner ad up and on this blog the same day. It has taken only 2 hours to go through their 7 videos, sign up to clickbank, use this blog platform to install the banner ad they provided and all for free.

That's right I put their product on this blog, got my clickbank account set up and wrote this post in a half day. WOW! What will we do tomorrow.

By clicking on the banner ad you will be taken to "Maverick Money Makers"

By clicking on any discolored words in this post you will be taken to either Dr. Suzanne's Fat Loss Secret" or "Maverick Money Makers"

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